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Did you have the same phone number, email address and business title two years ago?

Contact data isn’t made of dairy, but it can certainly still expire (and nothing will burn a hole in your bottom line more quickly than a campaign that uses old data).

Standard Marketing Ltd Cleansing service updates your existing prospect or customer lists. It replaces old data with the accurate names and information of the current decision makers you need to connect with in order to streamline your campaign. We’ll obtain correct contact information, including correct name spelling, phone number, email address and title, and replace your old information. It sounds like a tedious task, but our proprietary software allows our agents to capture multiple fields of information. We can then export the new data back to you so you can share it with your team or import it into your CRM.

Data cleansing prevents business data decays, which can happen at a frightening rate – 40% a year, according to B2B Marketing magazine. So whilst it can be a lengthy, time-consuming process, data is vital if your marketing activity is to remain successful. The old axiom, ‘garbage in, garbage out’ is particularly true in B2B telemarketing.

Working with strong, complete and accurate data improves your campaign’s chances of success. Without this you risk wasting resources on piles of returned mail, not to mention falling foul of increasingly stringent regulations. And inaccurately addressed mailings can affect your professional reputation – spelling a key decision-makers name incorrectly does not make a great first impression.

Which is why at Standard Marketing we have experience and expert team that helps you out in providing you the valuable information you require.

Data cleansing can be done before a direct marketing campaign, to ensure that you are contacting the right people with your mailing, or on an ongoing basis to update your customer records.

Standard Marketing can also collect other information that your company can use to find out more from prospects, such as contract renewals, competitor intelligence and current requirements for your service.

List Building & Data Cleansing are two important components of any Marketing Campaign, Call Us today and know how to make your campaign successful with quality list building & Data Cleansing.

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