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    We Choose The Moon
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Welcome to Standard Marketing

Standard Marketing Ltd is an Award winning multi-disciplinary web design and Brand development Agency based in Newcastle with trading offices in London & Manchester.

Over the last few years we've built a reputation for web design that’s both easy on the eye and easy to use. We offer multi-award winning web design in London, and specialize in tailor-made custom ecommerce web design, Branding & Logo design, corporate web design, bespoke websites, Mobile websites/apps, hosting and marketing solutions for organizations.

We combine creativity, break through focus and craft to deliver world class digital experience.

We create identity for your brand and our quality web design services backed by superlative marketing solutions make our services a unique entity. Our Strategic thinking, Attention to details and focus on quality with top web designers, best developers, personal attention, competitive prices, real world results and our business-driven approach are the key ingredient of our services. With ever changing mobile development we provide cutting edge services with optimize efficiency.

We always listen carefully to what you have to say. As we believe that your ideas and your needs are the real stones to where we can begin to build you a tailor-made solution from.

With Outstanding Video Productions and Animations, filming the memorable moments for you, Cherishing professional quality and 3d effects.

We have over fifteen years experience in this fabulous industry with experience in delivering solutions to the widest range of businesses imaginable both in Development & marketing. We have been delivering beautiful, standards compliant web sites. With a deep commitment to designing the best possible experience for the end user and with no surprises our works both on design & development are showcased around the web. Our depth of technical skills and business delivered knowhow will make you bank on in making your website a perfect digital experience.

Our deliverables provide you a perfect benchmark for your business to excel. Our tight knit and well groomed approach on standards helps us to understand your expectations completely as a result we are never deviated from the agreed path until we in the end deliver the services you desire.

With our vast experience, cutting edge technology services & ever compelling marketing solutions, we proudly provide you the standard of services you deserve. Explore Our Portfolio

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