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With Standard Marketing Event Telemarketing, our marketing representatives employ an efficient outbound telemarketing strategy to make sure that your prospects get invited to your event, and can follow up on those prospects after the events as well.

a.   Call-To-Invite

• Most companies make use of emails as a convenient way of sending event invitations, but with the existence of email filters which treat these invites as spam, efficiency is compromised. Phone invitations, on the other hand, are better because of its more personal approach and it gives the customer a chance to ask questions and address concerns right away. Since phone invitation is straightforward, it is perfect for announcing events, updates and following up. Phone invites allow you to instantly communicate with multiple people and receive immediate responses.

• Standard Marketing can assist you when you want to invite your clients and prospects to your company events, conferences, forums, and meetings through telemarketing. Standard Marketing allows you to track the progress of your campaign through our very own PipelineCRM. Phone invitations are not only great for corporate events; they are also perfect for:

• Announcing company news

• Recommending new products and services

• Providing appointment reminders

• Providing reminders to special occasions or activities

• Making quick thank you calls

• Following up future events

• Standard Marketing’s Call-to-Invite campaign utilizes professional callers who are highly trained to make meaningful, productive phone calls and are backed by quality assurance analysts so all you have to do is sit back and focus on organizing more important aspects of your events. Just leave the phone invite and follow-up to us.

b.   Tradeshow Lead Follow-up

•  To quantify a trade show’s return of investment (ROI), sales leads generated from the event must be followed-up within a week after the event has culminated. Successful lead follow-up plans must be generated at the start of the event as to maximize the sales and marketing effort of the company’s team. It is during this time when you can maximize Standard Marketing’s Trade Show Lead Follow-up services.

•  Standard Marketing has had years of experience in Lead Generation and their campaigns have been perfected to ensure that most of the client’s generated leads from the trade shows will be turned into warm prospects or customers.

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