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The internet changed commerce forever. Now mobile technology is changing it again. Is your business using ecommerce to the full yet? Launching a new ecommerce business and you need an experienced ecommerce consultant?

Giving you a competitive edge

Our ecommerce developers , develop robust, flexible, lucrative online shops with business growth in mind. Whether built from the ground up (bespoke) or using an open source platform such as Magento ecommerce or Word press, our ecommerce developers will ensure your ecommerce system fit perfectly with your business model, products, market and sales process – helping you take full advantage of every sales opportunity and gain a competitive edge.

Robust and easy to use

By focusing on usability, search ability and user engagement, we can help you increase sales, convert leads, get repeat business, track your orders and inventories, reduce your costs, increase your security, and improve people’s shopping experience all round. Embracing the latest ecommerce developments and interfaces, we develop great ecommerce systems for websites and mobile devices – including iPad and IPhone and Android phones and tablets.

•    Bespoke Ecommerce

For a bespoke ecommerce solution, our ecommerce developers will build your online shop from scratch – meaning it is not only customized to your business but unique to it.

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•    Open source ecommerce

For a customized, off-the-shelf ecommerce system, our ecommerce developers will use open source technology such as Magento ecommerce.

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•    Ecommerce system integration

Standard Marketing Ltd has built many ecommerce websites and mobile applications for businesses that already have well-established systems and processes which must be integrated into the new sales interface and architecture.

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