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Desktop Application Development

Desktop Application development is essentially a requirement for every business in this digital landscape.

We facilitate our customers with below Desktop application development services.



Standard Marketing develops desktop utilities and custom software applications.

•    Business Automation Tools

•    Data Processing

•    Smart Card Solution

•    Plug-ins

•    Utilities

Our extensive expertise in desktop application development ensures that in each project we select optimum technologies for each customer’s needs.


Below are a handful of Standard Marketing’s custom desktop business solutions. They include various types of desktop and multi-tier software development projects.

Standalone Applications

•    Appointment scheduling

a software product providing rich capabilities to administer clients’ appointments.

•    Volunteer Management

detailed profiles for volunteers are easily created, accessed, and reported.

•    CD Burning

a highly secure desktop application allows distributors to burn and sell personalized music.

Collaborative Network Software

•    Extension Control

Java smart client application in the office phone system.
Multi-tier Web, Desktop and Mobile

•    Golf Training Manager

custom software that allows the managing of a network of kiosks at golf clubs, and provides swing analyses on desktop and over the Internet.


Our Desktop Software Development team is experienced in creating useful desktop standalone applications including MS Office plug-ins, utilities for Security and Data Processing and Smart Card Solutions.

Data Processing

•    X-Ray Image Refinement

Desktop utility for medical software.

•    Statistical Data Averaging

Desktop utility for researchers.

Smart Card Solutions

•    Smart Card Logon

Authentication utility in custom Internet Café Management software.


•    MS Project Plug-In

A plug-in for Microsoft’ Project.

Security Software

•    Anti-Spyware

A spy-ware detector, tracker and remover.

•    Computer Activity monitoring

Desktop utility for custom Internet Café Management software.


Custom software solutions developed by Standard Marketing to satisfy our customer’s functional requirements and cut total costs for system implementation, introduction and support.

•    Elegant and convenient user interface shortens learning curve

•    Fast data access increases productivity

•    Software scalability decreases maintenance cost

•    Project cost is cut down by use of standard software components

The core expertise of Just Total Tech includes from medium to large-scale Desktop Application development projects. The solutions involve in refined programming solutions such as E commerce Application, Mobile application, Desktop application and portal development. And wide variety of applications are also integrated by Just Total Tech, ranging from legacy systems to high-performance E-commerce sites development.

Contact Us to help make your business more efficient and successful through the use of custom software solutions.

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