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Dedicated Technical Assistant

Dedicated technical Assistant is one of the flag services of Standard Marketing and the one that is having a huge impact with the clients. As this service Provides support to Clients for their inbound calling traffic enhances their budget significantly, improving their organizational performance manifold as resources are more appropriately utilized.

Standard Marketing Dedicated Technical Assistant – from 0.65p per min

Standard Marketing  Dedicated Assistant is our true BPO offering. You can hire a dedicated assistant (or a team of assistants) who will work exclusively for your business. The advantage of a Dedicated Assistant is that they are fully trained in your business’ products and services. You choose the Dedicated Assistant and assign the role and responsibility for the assistant. Here are some of the ways a Dedicated Assistant can be utilized:

Dedicated Sales Support

Take inbound sales calls and close sales. Make outbound telemarketing calls.

Appointment Making

Make appointments for sales staff.

Data Cleansing & Market Research

Clean and verify marketing lists. Conduct market research whether by phone or internet.

Technical Support/Helpdesk

Dedicated Assistants can be trained to provide full technical support to your clients.

General Back Office Operations

Perform general operation functions using your business’ systems and processes.

Now included!

• Standard Marketing  Virtual Assistant! Your Virtual Assistant can process your email queries and interact with people on your website in real-time through our innovative Live-e-Rep product.

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