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Smart business decisions lead to maximum profitability.  At Standard Marketing, we are able to provide our clients with talented developers for hire on a long term basis as a dedicated resource.  These dedicated resources will work out off our On shore/offshore low cost environments and provide our clients with round the clock support, performing and functioning as a virtual extension of our client’s in-house technical team.

Hiring Dedicated Developers is a great way to get highly qualified and specialized work done at substantial savings. It can assist you in hiring an individual or a team of dedicated additional staff thus resulting in better efficiency in your work projects.

Standard Marketing Resource Center (dedicated developer | Designer service) provides a simple but effective alternative to resourcing IT projects. Assign a developer or a set of developers to your projects and use as and when you need them. Only pay for the time used but have the piece of mind that they are available when you need them at short notice. Our Resource centre staff work as an extension of your staff thereby allowing you to be in full control of projects at all times.

The unpredictable demands on modern IT departments means resourcing projects to meet deadlines can be difficult at best of times. Which is why The SM Resource Centre was conceived with smaller IT departments and web design agencies in particular. We are so confident that you will love working with us that we are giving away 16 hours free!

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Resources

•    Choose Your Expert:

You can select a dedicated expert from the pool of specialists with extensive experience in PHP, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Web/Graphics Designing, SEO etc.

•    Direct Control over Developers / Projects:

At Standard Marketing Ltd, we allow direct interaction between our clients and dedicated developers helping our clients in having direct control of the developers and projects. This direct involvement of clients (through emails, chats (voice) and telephonic conversations) in the work projects leads to improved work efficiency and timely completion of the projects. We ensure to provide our clients with daily work reports.

•    Source Code Authorization:

The intellectual copyrights of work done by developers are transferred to clients at the completion of projects.

•    Cutting Down Costs:

Hiring dedicated developers helps you in chopping down most of the development costs upto almost 60%-70%. Dedicated Service requires no huge investments in terms of infrastructure set-up, training costs or pay-roll etc.

•    Exclusive handling of work projects:

With dedicated developers’ service you have the flexibility to switch the developer on multiple projects keeping in view the priority involved. We make sure that a backup developer of same level of expertise is available all the time in order to ensure continuation of project without disruption through out the project life cycle.

•    Your data is in safe hands:

A strict security policy is adhered to through a Non-disclosure agreement, to make sure that all your data and information are accessed in a secure environment. We take security measures like firewall, password encryption, access control system, secured wireless routers, all work-stations with gateway and host-level anti-virus installation for your data protection.

Why Choose Standard Marketing Limited?

Standard Marketing Limited is a UK registered company with its head office in Coventry. Standard Marketing can offer you:

•    A wide and complete range of world class dedicated developers

•    Our skilled resources can work as full-time employees for you operating from our premises

•    We have more than 15 years of experience in creating unique websites an other web/desktop applications

•    Our dedicated developers are experts in PHP, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET etc.

•    We understand that quality is the only key for continuation of long lasting relationship & we have the state-of-the-art infrastructure to stick to this commitment of delivering quality and ensuring business continuity

•    We provide 160 hours of work per month (8 hours per working day-5 days a week)

•    We follow a monthly-contract policy and the payments are to be made by the clients at the beginning of every month.

Dedicated Developer is an easy way of cutting your work load with maximum Efficiency.Want to hire Standard Marketing Dedicated Resource, Contact Us today and get 16 Hours Free Trial.

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