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Millions of business people around the globe are opting for Blackberry applications. What are you opting?

Smart businesses use smart solutions. The Blackberry was introduced as a mobile Smartphone in 2002 with innovative integration features such as chatting, messaging web-browsing amongst others. Today, millions of people use Blackberry to stay connected with their friends and families, integration and routine necessity like emails and general correspondence. It’s currently one of the most widely used business Smartphone’s making it a lucrative niche market for businesses and blackberry application developers.

Why Blackberry?

The approach towards reaching niche markets is changing. Businesses are looking for a smart solution to target entire consumer spectrums via the introduction of more relevant, necessary & engaging Blackberry applications. It’s rapid application development platform (RAD) makes it easier for faster, secure and reliable application development. This makes Blackberry a smart choice to integrate into your business campaign!

Unlike other Smartphone, Blackberry is capable of providing “extended” business opportunities. Apart from emails, Blackberry can be used from planning, integration, CRM, ERP, internet-intranet access and other custom solutions to suit your business needs.

Blackberry Application Development

The Blackberry OS supports Java MIDP 2.0, WAP 1.2 and offers wireless competence. There is a lot of flexibility and customisation available with Blackberry Application Development. It supports two platforms, Java Micro Edition (J2ME) which is widely known for its distinguished results and MDS. The support for Open GL and 5.0 API libraries help you achieve your desired results with stunning visual detail. The new Blackberry 6 offers 40 new API and enhanced capabilities to compete. In short, Blackberry have “upped their game” & sit in a strong position to capitalize on their new developer friendly application offering. There is so much Blackberry application development can offer your business:

•    Rich experience for Blackberry custom application development

•    End to end solutions and support for Blackberry Business, entertainment, marketing & advertising, client-server applications

•    Real time Wireless and integrated solutions

•    Third party application porting for Blackberry

•    High enriched Multimedia Blackberry application development

•    Reliable and trusted Blackberry application testing and migration

•    Addictive Blackberry game development

•    Exclusive technical support

Standard Marketing is the right choice for organizations seeking mobile application business solutions. Our team’s ability to understand the required application development criteria, address your business need and apply a strong market understanding makes us a great ally.

To find out more about Standard Marketing Blackberry Development expertise and what it could do for you, Contact Us

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