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24/7 In Bound Customer Support

24/7 In bound customer support is one of Standard Marketing`s core service.

An organized customer service plan can be the one factor that keeps your business ahead of the competition. Standard Marketing offers a customer service call center solution that gives you access to a team of specially trained and managed group of agents, powered by industry-leading technology.

Learn how Standard Marketing toll free customer service can bring success to your customer service strategy:

• Around the clock question handling

• Eliminate redundancy and reduce costs

• Frontline order taking support

• Focus on your core Business

• Improve productivity and operational efficiencies.

Around-the-Clock Question Handling

Every customer contact is engaged around the clock 24x7x365. At any time, our agents can answer your top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) through our proprietary Merlin Agent Interface™ – handling all your customer inquiries with consistency and on demand.
Realize the many benefits of toll free customer service today:

• Enhanced customer experience leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty

• Increased first call resolution and service efficiencies

• Low risk, reliable investment for professional service and technology

• Allocate saved time and resources to focus on business strategy and core competencies

At Standard Marketing, We provide Voice, Live Chat, Email Support & Back Office services (Transaction Processing & Data Entry) which are proven, effective & endorsed by our clients, and partners for quality in customer service. We guarantee visible increase in sales and happy customer faces at affordable cost.

Our primary service offerings are Customer Support services, Technical Support Services & Business Process Outsourcing. We offer 24/7 contact centre services for Order taking, Customer Support (Technical & non-Technical), Toll-free Answering Services, 24-Hr Help Desk, and Emergency Response over multiple media like Phone, Live Chat & Emails. We also offer data processing services like Transaction processing & Data entry.

Our 24/7 Package includes two offerings

• Dedicated

• Shared

Please see below the different sectors we are providing our customer support services

• Taxi Companies

• IT Companies

• Telecommunication

• Mobile operators & Carriers

Standard Marketing can also help you with its dedicated customer support services, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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